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Santos Demonios Art Toys

September 8, 2013

Just about to launch my new biz- Santos Demonios art toys! The first line is called Z+, starring ghosts ala Pac-Man, bacon dressed up in various disguises, and much more! Designer plush, anyone?
 photo IMG_8520.jpg

 photo IMG_8549.jpg

 photo WP_000000-2.jpg

 photo P1280048.jpg

 photo PA100093.jpg

 photo PA100094.jpg

Splat Skulls are a comin’ too….they’re plushie, menacing and ooze-rific!

 photo PC270172.jpg
 photo 67899_10200222214709107_273696587_n.jpg

 photo PC270176.jpg

There’s gonna be some sweet leaves in the mix too…for all you chronic plushie lovers!

 photo DSCN1153.jpg

You’re sure to <3 these LOVE-ly plush hearts, for those who are passionate about plush…
 photo WP_000006-1.jpg
 photo P1280052-1.jpg


Welcome your new plush overlords, BUFF PLUSH!! Starting the BUFF PLUSH line with an old school Skeletor bust

 photo DSCN1158.jpg

 photo DSCN1156.jpg