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I enjoy modeling in Maya and Silo, digital sculpting in ZBrush and Mudbox, and the similarities between sculpture with clay and modeling with NURBS or Polygons. The process of basic shapes, refined detail, then painting and finishing via shaders and rendering reminds me of what originally drew me to building model kits as a kid then sculpture when I got older.

I fell in love with texturing because it combines two of my favorite mediums-painting and photography. UV layout is like some sort of strange shape puzzle, which makes it an enjoyable challenge for me. I also enjoy painting my own bump and spec maps, in order to ensure that the textures look just right.

Apocalyptic Still- made in Maya and rendered using Mental Ray

hammer and gun modeled by Zeon Santos. All the rest from

¬†Flat shaded “before” example-


Warmer color scheme and lighting without dynamic fire. Rendered in Mental Ray using Final Gather.

Wasteland House-Made in Maya and rendered using mental ray. Models by Sam Chen, Zeon Santos and Texturing, Lighting and Rendering by Zeon Santos.

Steampunk Blaster- Modeled and textured in Maya. Rendered using Mental Ray. All work done by Zeon Santos


Treasure Chamber-Used in production “Lil Tut”. Models created in Maya by Mike Linman, Zeon Santos, Alan Miles and Fred Sais. Textured in Maya by Zeon Santos. Rendered using Mental Ray.


Untextured “before” example

Outside the Treasure Chamber. Rendered using Mental Ray physical sun and sky.

surreal cliff area-

Doctor Doom Lab layout- All models and textures by Zeon Santos. Flat shaded models with textured ground plane, still sculpting and working on textures for these models.

Lava Shader-Turns simple plane into lava pitted v0lcanic ground, using custom shader network and displacement map.

Retro Sci-Fi Blaster-Modeled in Maya, with Ambient Occlusion texture applied